Case study in renovation lending

A case study in renovation lending on a Jacksonville Florida home located at 13723 Alesbury Ct Jacksonville FL 32224 reveals people are not just fixing a home to minimal standards but modernizing a home and extending new life into established neighborhoods and creating an exciting alternative to buying a track built home. Here they have upgraded the showers and baths with modern fixtures and amenities you would see in a brand new model home. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, decorative glass backslashes, wood cabinets, new roof, new ceiling texture, AC and flooring have essentially give this tired home a brand new look.  Here they have used renovation lending to create a much more maintenance free home since everything on the home has been brought up to much better standards that you would expect in a home in this neighborhood and is not an over improvement.

Renovation lending allows you to not only rehab you home to minimal standards but also allows for preference work to personalize the house to conform to your needs. This interview with TCI construction shows their “Buy Smart program” where they specialize in home modernization instead of minimal repairs to meet mortgage backed security investor guidelines for FHA 203(k), Va Renovation or Homestyle renovation loans. Watch and see the improvements they have made illustrating what can be done in your home revitalization through renovation lending. See more on TCI on their website at

There are several options in repairs as well as loan choices. VA renovation, FHA 203(k) and Conventional lending types have a product for almost ever need in this space. The important part is speaking with someone familiar with these products as havinng a lender familiar with the process is key to a smooth process. We hope this information is helpful in realizing all of your renovation loan options. Please let my team know how we may be able to help show you and your family a better way home.

VA Renovation loan options

Wouldn’t you like to provide your veteran customers financing on virtually any home? Could you help more veterans if you could buy the property in the condition it was in and have repairs included in the financing and done after closing? Now you can do all of this with new programs offered for VA Renovation. VA Renovation loans are not common and very few people offer them. VA Renovation loans offer Veterans and surviving spouses the option to buy a home and include up to 35,000 in cosmetic repairs that may otherwise prevent a veteran from qualifying for a home because of the property conditions. This product allows veterans to buy a home and either use these funds for cosmetic challenges, appliances, roofs, Wood destroying Organisms, HVAC and other items that affect the homes livability and minimal property standards set by VA. Few lenders offer this product so there are plenty of misconceptions from lenders and realtor partners out there that would try to push a veteran away from this product or a home that needed repair because they do not know or haven’t heard this solution exists. Be more informed of options that would otherwise make distressed homes out of reach dfor our veterans. Find out more about imortgage, The John Adams Team and VA renovation loans today!